“The public they need to be asking these questions of the builder – why won’t you build me a home that will survive?”


“Building regulations here in Oklahoma, like all across America, or everywhere that I can think of – the codes are meant to keep people safe. And do they keep people safe? I don’t think so.”


“What you’re looking at right now is an area that’s been hit 3 times in the last 20 years. But unfortunately the homes that are still here, they’re built to a code, that although is the best in the state, it’s still not enough to survive Oklahoma environment. Moore has been hit somewhere around 28 times since 1895. Will it happen again? Absolutely it will. Will it hit right here? Who knows, it’s a crap shoot – anybody’s guess as to whether it will happen again right here. But it will happen again. It’s just the reality of it all.”


“There is a better solution to building homes that will survive, homes that will allow their families to survive, and thrive for generations to come…”

Daniel Keeslar