Must see Survival Training in the Age of Disasters
Hear real stories from homeowners like you...
A film that Changes how we Look at Homes
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Not as strong as you think

Your Home may be "Built to Code", but does that mean it & your family are safe from disaster?

We have now entered the Age of Disasters, the human and economic impacts of which will escalate during the present century. Your home may be “Built to Code”, but what does that really mean? Are you truly Safe?

“BUILT TO LAST?” explores these extremely relevant topics with discussions by homeowners that have experienced this first-hand, along with the foremost experts in their fields.

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About The Movie



Funding for this film was provided by the Resilience Action Fund with support from the World Bank Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery.

BUILT TO LAST?” was inspired by the book Resilience – The Ultimate Sustainability, written by Aris Papadopoulos.


Must-see survival training for everyone in the Age of Disasters

Around the world, disasters are on the increase. In the past ten years earthquakes, heat waves, floods, hurricanes, fires and volcanoes have killed over a million people, affected another 2 billion and caused 4.5 trillion dollars in damage.

Our homes are where we look for shelter, but when a disaster strikes, we’re on the front line. If you think your house is safe – think again,

We’re going to reveal the hidden risks.
And ask: Is your home ‘Built to Last’? You’re going to discover how you can make your home safer.

Hear real stories from homeowners like you,

both survivors who learned from disastrous events, and those who are being proactive to not become future disaster victims.



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